Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Herobrine Mod/Plugin

The 1.2.5. Herobrine Mod is pretty scary. The totem form is: 2 gold blocks up,
Herobrine totem with netherrack on top, then light. Herobrine will pop in front of you, sometimes
making a ghast sound, round house kick you, or throw your items on the ground.

The 1.2.5. Herobrine Plugin is not the best. The totem form is: 3 x 3 gold block circle with
mossy stone in the middle, a netherrack on top of the mossy stone, and 4 redstone
torches around the mossy stone. When lit on fire, a flying zombie will fly around you. Itʼs
hard to kill, but when killed, drops a gold apple.

15 Signs of Herobrine

1. Placed redstone dust
2. Placed signs (ex. You WILL DIE, etc.)
3. Cave sounds in light
4. 1 x 2 long mines
5. TNT holes
6. Traps
7. Manmade things (ex. house, etc.)
8. Misplaced blocks
9. Placed gold blocks
10. Mobs spawning in front of you
11. Trees without leaves
12. Anything without eyes
13. Placed diamond blocks
14. Ghast noises in the regular world
15. Lightning with no rain and day time

Herobrine facts

Herobrine is a Minecraft myth. Nobody (but Notch) really knows if he is real.

They say he came back in 1.3.2
He is attracted to: Gold and disc 11.
He taunts people of Minecraft (so it says...)
He has glowing white eyes and the default skin.
Itʼs also told, he keeps Minecraft running at night. (Not!)

Minecrafters say that they claim to have seen HIM in their minecraft world.

People often use: textures, skins (multiplayer), mods, or even video edits to trick
people into thinking they saw Herobrine.
They say HE is Notchesʼ dead brother.
You can see him with the render distance on tiny.